Photo of the Week | March 18-22


Taylor Jones, a junior in microbiology, and Lisa Angermeier, a junior in animal science, check out the poultry science club’s live exhibit in the Brickyard March 18. The exhibit, as a part of Agriculture Awareness Week, illustrated the genetic improvements made in meat-producing chickens over the past sixty years through selective breeding techniques alone.


Agromeck photo editor Katherine Hoke said:

Caide Wooten did a great job of capturing the essence of Agricultural Awareness Week, an event Student Media covers annually, in a different way. His consideration of composition, perspective and lighting coupled with the moment of emotion on the students’ faces makes the photo work. He utilized the texture of the fencing in a non distracting way which emphasizes the barrier between students and the animals they are interacting with.  This photo shows the excitement students felt from seeing farm animals from the point of view of the chickens who seem less than enthused about being showcased on the Brickyard.

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